March CrossFit 101 Madness!!!

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March 101 Madness – Beginner special

-Starts March 5th

***Click the link above to purchase online and reserve your spot! Limited spots available***

-$140.00 Month of CrossFit 101 + bring a friend for free ($70 each).
-$89.99 if you don’t bring a friend
-This is our biggest intro deal of the year!

CrossFit 101 is 4 week long course starting the first week of each month. This is an introductory course that all beginners will go through. It involves a group warm up, lecture, mobility work, technique and skill work, followed by an intense workout that is modified to your individual ability.
During the lectures we will go over nutrition, proper form, technique, intensity, CrossFit methodology, and all the aspects of our gym.
Attendees will learn all of the basic CrossFit movements. They will also learn the progressions and modifications for the more advanced and high skill movements. After completion of the course, they will be comfortable participating in any CrossFit class.

Any of these 5 class times are available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays:




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