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“If you have been looking for a way to get active but have had a hard time finding the right place, this will be the place for you. You will wonder why you didn’t start sooner!
My favorite thing about SCCF is the community and friends I have made through it. Everyone is so supportive of each other no matter what your fitness level is.
I am so much stronger now than I could have ever imagined. I never thought I could do the things SCCF has challenged me to do and then some! My cardio, gymnastics, and weightlifting have all improved since starting at the gym.
What set SCCF apart from other gyms is the coaches. The level of knowledge they have is pretty extensive. Every class they break down every movement so no matter if you just signed up or have been doing CrossFit for years you feel confident about everything you are doing. Coach Billy’s programming is the best. Every week/day it’s something new or different.
CrossFit has improved my life by challenging myself to my fullest. I feel that it has not only physically changed my body but my mind. I used to give up so easily if things got difficult. CrossFit has taught me that you can go a little further, push a little harder.
One of my proudest achievements was being able to do a pull-up.”

Dani’s story

“If you’re looking for a gym, look no further join now. Since starting CrossFit nearly two and a half years ago, I have had a chance to drop in to 2 other boxes. Neither of those gyms could hang with SCCF. We have the best coaches, the best members, and by far the best programming.
My favorite thing about SCCF is the community. I have met some of the best people in my life at SCCF. The relationships I have made since joining are going to be lifelong and I’m grateful for everyone at the gym.
I had a debilitating brain surgery in 2012. The surgery resulted in me losing many common day-to-day functions and I had to relearn how to walk. I had gone to regular gyms after my surgery and wasn’t gaining much. After being introduced to SCCF, I quickly saw my fitness level improve – I had not been able to squat to a 20″ box without having an issue and had no confidence to jump even to a 12″ box. My strength, confidence and abilities have improved to where I can now squat without a box for support and even manage to do a 24″ box jump. .
What sets SCCF apart from other gyms I have been to is the programming. No matter what your level of fitness or confidence, SCCF coaches will tailor a workout to your level without blinking an eye.”

Jon’s story

“It’s a great workout, and done in an hour. The coaches will help you with form so you wont hurt yourself. Everyone is so nice and happy for every accomplishment you make. There is absolutely no judgment. It is a great atmosphere. You will have fun. Just go ahead and try it.
Our gym has very compassionate coaches that care about each and every member. Everyone is like family. SCCF is BIG on form and that to me is of #1 importance to me, especially being older, I don’t want to hurt myself and the best way to do that is FORM. Our coaches ALWAYS correct form, even on members who have been doing crossfit for years.
I was in an accident in 2007 that left me with injuries to my neck, shoulder, knees, and lower back.
When I started crossfit I had very little mobility in my shoulder. My knee wobbles, and my lower back had pain from a bad disc. I started very worried wondering if I could do any of it. Just a few months into it I regained mobility in my shoulder, 100%. ALL my lower back pain had gone and my knee(because of form) didn’t give me a problem, I STILL am so excited to be at the gym. I feel better, I am MUCH stronger, I run around with my grandchildren and I event do strict pullups and rope climbs now!”

Erin’s story

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