Athlete of the Week – Jerry

Athlete of the Week  Name:  Jerry Age: 27  Occupation: Commercial Real Estate Single/married/family? Married with first baby due in February Favorite activity outside of CrossFit?  Watching sports and I also love to cook and try out different paleo recipes. Favorite workout music? Anything with a good beat. I even like Max’s “super ghetto hardcore gangster rap” mix. Favorite place to eat? Café Rio – Their steak salad is my biggest cheat. How long have you been crossfitting? 5 ½ months. How many times a week do you crossfit? 5 times a week. Which SinCity location do you workout at, and how did you get started there? I work out at South. My uncle (Dan) would hound me every day about going to this “crossfit” thing and eventually I caved in. While he is wrong about a lot of stuff he was right that crossfit is amazing. Favorite movement? Deadlifts Favorite workout? “Team ‘Merica” from 9/11/13 Least favorite movement? Used to be pull ups but now its front squats. 1rm clean n jerk:  155                  Why do you go to SCCF? I started going to the gym because I just needed to lose a couple pounds but it turned into something completely different,  I now look forward to seeing the people there every day and the competition and encouragement motivates me for every workout. Who is your favorite trainer? I can’t just pick one, they all have great traits:                                                 Billy- Explains everything in perfect detail.                                                 Max – Always has fun and motivates.                                                 Bobby – Doesn’t make us run.                                                 Courtney – Makes you push yourself. What is something people would be surprised to know about you? I was an extra in the last Rocky movie. Look for the fat version of me in the background during the final fight scene. How has crossfit improved your life? When I started coming to crossfit I was 257 pounds and could not run more than 50 feet. In only 5 ½ months I have completely changed my life, I stick to a strict paleo diet and go to the gym 5 days a week. So far, I have lost 67 pounds and feel stronger than ever before. What or who inspires you the most? Knowing that my hard work at the gym will contribute to a longer and happier life with my family. Biggest achievement since you started/ what you are most proud of? First time I ran a mile in class it was +/-14 minutes, last time we ran the mile I ran it in 8:05. I am hoping to shave even more time off next time. What are your fitness goals for this year? My goal weight is 180 pounds and I hope to get there in the next few months. Also, I am hoping to get a muscle up by the end of the year.  

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