Athlete Spotlight – Jessica

Athlete Spotlight

Name: Jessica Fraser
Age: 28
Occupation: Stay-at-home mom of two kids
Favorite activity outside of crossfit: Camping.  I love being outside.
Favorite workout music: I like older hip hop like Tupac and biggie. Salt-and-peppa always gets me pumped up too.
Do you follow paleo or zone diet? I try to follow zone as much as possible, and I eat as clean as I can.  If it has a food label, don’t eat it.  But I’m a former fast-food junkie so it’s hard to stick with it all the time.
Do you you, or did you play any sports? I’ve always been pretty active for most of my life. I did competitive cheerleading in junior high and high school.  I also trained in tumbling and gymnastics during that time.  A little bit of softball growing up too.  After High school I didn’t do a ton of regular exercise, mostly just drank beers and hung out with my man lol.
How long have you been crossfitting: I started at Basics in April 2014 and started doing the WODS regularly for about 6 months. I do 5 wods a week.
Favorite cheat meal ? Doughnuts or pancakes.  It’s crazy that these things are considered breakfast foods lol.
Why did you start training at SCCF? I started coming to SCCF to lose my baby weight. I would always see crossfit chicks around town with killer bodies so i knew it could work.  So i yelped crossfit gyms on my computer one night and you guys were the closest gym to my house with good reviews.  I got really lucky to have an amazing gym so close to where I live.
Favorite movement/ workout: I like doing anything that involves gymnastics movements like kipping pull-ups and hand-stand push-ups.  I also really like climbing the rope! My favorite lifts are back squats and split jerks.
Least favorite movement: ROWING! And lately, I haven’t been liking kettle bell swings 
Who is your favorite trainer: I honestly think that all of you guys are incredible teachers.  I used to go to the evening WODs with Billy and I learned so much about good technique from him.  Also, he has a more militant style when he coaches a WOD which works really well for me because it makes me push harder during a workout.  Nowadays, I primarily work out with Derrick and he is really great at explaining proper form on difficult lifts.  Working out at 6:00 am can be tiring sometimes, but I love my crew that I workout with, including coach Derrick!
How has CrossFit improved your life? crossfit has had such a positive impact on my life.  Obviously, the physical results are amazing.  But I love how good mentally/emotionally I feel since I’ve started doing crossfit.  Also, everybody at SCCF (members and trainers) are so dang nice.  There is a ton of positivity at our gym.
What or who inspires you the most? My Husband Bret is my inspiration in life.  He is awesome.  He does’t do crossfit, but whenever I come home and tell him all about the WOD he acts super interested lol.  i feel like I hit the lottery with him. 
What is the biggest achievement since you started/ what you are most proud of? finally getting a pull-up without a band. And winning the diet challenge was amazing!
What are your fitness goals for this year? compete in a crossfit competition, snatch 100 lbs.




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