Athlete Spotlight – Megan

Name: Megan Schafhausen
Age: 27
Occupation: New Grad Nurse! & Neuromuscular Massage Therapist
Single/married/family? Happily taken
Favorite activity outside of CrossFit? I am from Southern California, and love hanging out at the beach, and doing anything outdoors! Paddle boarding, hiking, rock climbing are some of my favorites.
Favorite workout music? I honestly have no preference as long as its upbeat and fast to keep me going!
Do you follow paleo or zone diet? I have tried the paleo diet for challenges but haven’t stuck with it 100%. I do try to eat clean most of the time, especially during the week. The weekends are the hard part because I love going out to eat, cooking, and baking.
Do you you, or did you play any sports? I did gymnastics for 10 years from age 5-15 and then did pole vault for a few years in high school. Anything upside down keeps me happy!
How long have you been crossfitting? 2.5 years
How many times a week do you crossfit? It was tough to keep up during nursing school but my goal is usually at least 3x/week. If I had it my way all the time, I would love to be there 5 days a week.
What is your favorite cheat meal? As a meal probably Italian food – I love pasta and bread but try not to eat them all the time. And dessert….Frozen yogurt !!!
Which SinCity location do you workout at, and how did you get started there? I work out at Main– and I started there a little over a year ago after moving to Las Vegas for nursing school. After trying a workout there I was impressed with the depth and range of all the athletes. I knew coming to this gym that I would get a push from all the amazing and strong women that I hadn’t previously had. I love that everyone is so supportive, encouraging, and athletically talented! Having SinCity as my gym in Vegas has added a lot of consistency to my life this past year, and I am so grateful!
Favorite movement? Gymnastics moves are my favorite and if I had to pick one, I would probably choose handstand pushups. I also love overhead squats 🙂
Favorite workout? I’m horrible at deciding but I like longer chippers where the reps and movements don’t repeatedly come back to haunt you. I like them because you can go as hard as you can on each movement knowing you don’t have to pace yourself for 5 more rounds of the same thing….
Least favorite movement? Ring Dips. I cringe every time they are in a workout. Being vertically challenged, I am also not a fan of wall balls.
Nasty Girl time: 13:21          1rm clean n jerk:   160                 Best Grace time: 2:51
Why do you go to SCCF?  I love the push from everyone in the gym. I studied Kinesiology in college and understand “how to workout” but I love having someone else decide what I am going to do, and I love doing it with friends! In college I would go to the gym but always felt like something was missing. I was never in great shape, and felt jealous of people who played sports as kids that they could continue in an adult league or play just for fun ( soccer, softball….etc) I spent so much time doing gymnastics I never learned ANY ball sports!! When I started crossfit I knew I would love it and I have never turned has given me that feeling of having a sport again!
Who is your favorite trainer? Because of the time I make it to the gym (usually 430 or 530) I have gotten to know Derrick and Billy the most as coaches, but there’s no way I can pick a favorite overall. I love the dynamic of getting coached by different eyes all the time and hearing different ways of explaining technique and strategy. There are some days when Billy’s words of “Just keep going and don’t put the bar down” can motivate me to keep going and get a PR, and others when I want to scream and run away because there is no way the set can be done unbroken!
What is something people would be surprised to know about you? In high school I worked at Disneyland as an acrobat in one of their parades, “Block Party Bash”
How has crossfit improved your life? Crossfit has added a sense of security to my life that I would have never expected. I love that crossfit has always been such a welcoming and consisent environment that you can find/do wherever you are. I do crossfit when I am sad, when I am happy, when I am bored, or when I am so busy that I feel like I don’t have enough time. Crossfit has introduced me to so many of my closest friends, as well as my boyfriend, and has given me a sport to feel inspired by every day. I am definitely stronger and healthier than I have ever been, and crossfit is constantly inspiring me to reach new goals and feel a sense of accomplishment every time I improve.
Biggest achievement since you started/ what you are most proud of? I am most proud that I have stuck with Crossfit as consistently as possibly since my first trial class.  It is amazing to see the growth of knowledge that you learn about the sport by continuing to do it, and putting in the effort. This year I have seen the result of my efforts by competing in more online qualifiers and competitions then any other year. I stepped outside my comfort zone for a few of them and was pleasantly suprised at my performance every time. There’s always room for improvement, but I am really proud of the hard work that I put in since the Crossfit Open this year. 
What are your fitness goals for this year?
For the next year I want to continue doing the same thing. The best way to get good at crossfit is to DO CROSSFIT! I would love to do a strength program this year, and continue to sign up for more competitions that constantly challenge me and keep me on my toes.


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