Athlete Spotlight – Resa

Athlete Spotlight –  This weeks athlete spotlight is on Resa who just finished her first ever CrossFit Open and Qualifed for the Masters Regional placing 73rd in the world!  
Name:  Resa
Age:  55
Occupation:  waitress 
Single/married/family?  married...2 great kids…16 year old son…and 12 year old daughter….
Favorite activity outside of CrossFit?
Shopping, painting ,fixing up my house…bike riding on weekends.
Favorite workout music?  mostly country, I  like hiphop, just hate that rap shit. ..and hate Derek’s music
Do you follow paleo or zone diet?
NO..I’m vegan…been vegetarian for like 20 years, than total vegan for 3..never felt better in my life..
Do you you, or did you play any sports?
No..wish I did..just loved to bike ride and go to the gym…
How long have you been crossfitting?
About 4 years..but 3 years I just did metcon…
How many times a week do you crossfit?
I was only going about 3 or 4..but the last couple of months…5 to 6
What is your favorite cheat meal?
Why did you start training at SCCF?
Jen G got me to try it…I was getting bored with the gym and was looking for something new..
Favorite workout?
When we do team stuff..I like that..
Least favorite movement?
Frigging overhead snatched squat thing…hate that
Why do you go to SCCF?  So I don’t kill’s my Happy place…i love it..
Who is your favorite trainer?
Well I remember when it was luke..then bobbie, and Derrick. .I love derrick, now it’s Jarett  and Billy…everyone of your trainers are awesome. .love everyone…
What is something people would be surprised to know about you? ….that I hate to go to places with a lot of people..I’m pretty shy….and am a homebody…
How has crossfit improved your life?
. Soo much..gave me soo much more confidence and made me have goals like I never really cared about..made some awesome friends, I just look forward every morning to coming here..
What or who inspires you the most?
People with disabilities that do crossfit and older people Cuz it’s really hard sometimes, lol..and Billy for loving his job and always wanting to make us better and stronger. ..
Biggest achievement since you started/ what you are most proud of?
Well it only took 2 years to double under and years to kip a Frigging pull up. .still working on kipping toes to ring dips after 4 years…lol and finally lifting a little heavier….I’m a little slow,,,but I don’t give up…ohhh and I did pistols today…wowww didn’t know I could do that!
What are your fitness goals for this year?
To beat those old bitches and go to the crossfit games, for the masters …Thank you Billy for putting a fire up my ass  and making me do the open.  If I can do it….Anyone can…any age.  Just need to believe in yourself….And have a great coach and gym..and I do.  SCCF.


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