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WOD – May 27, 2019

Every year on Memorial Day Americans honor those who have given their lives serving the United States Armed Forces. At SinCity CrossFit we have a tradition of completing the Hero workout “Murph”, which is named after Lt Michael Murphy. It’s a very tough workout, but we can customize the workout in many ways, and it […]

WOD – May 25, 2019

Today is Fitness With A Friend Day (FWFD !  Bring any friend that is interested in CrossFit for free to come try it out with you! Work Out of the Day “Thanks For The Push” In teams of 2,  20 rounds for time of: 80ft sled push, 245/155lb 10 ball slams 15 situps Athletes may […]

WOD – May 24, 2019

We are open normal hours this weekend.  Memorial Day Murph times are 630am, 8am, 930am, and 11am! Work Out of the Day Bench Press 5-5-5-5-5 then,  “G.I. Jane” 100 burpee pullups for time or  “Centaur” 100 thrusters for time, 95/65lb Post loads and time to beyond the whiteboard.  

Teen Summer Prep Camp – June 3, 2019

Click Here to Register   SinCity CrossFit Summer Athlete Prep Camp -Ages 11-17 -Meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – 10:45am to 11:45am -June 3rd to July 26th -$249 for whole summer or $145 for 1 month  -This program is a great supplement to any sport.  -What you will get: Increased speed improved strength explosiveness agility […]

WOD – May 23, 2018

Work Out of the Day “Pulmonary Pump” 3 rounds of: 800m run or 3000/2400m bike 3 minute rest 3 minute amrap: 10 dumbbell power snatches, 50/35lb 30 double unders 3 minutes rest Post run times and total reps completed to beyond the whiteboard. 

WOD – May 22, 2019

Work Out of the Day Back Squat 4-4-4-4-4 then, “Rad”  For time: 30 handstand pushups 40/32 calorie row 50 burpees 60 ft dumbbell walking lunge, 100/70lb Post loads and time to beyond the whiteboard.            

WOD – May 20. 2019

Work Out of the Day “Breaking Murph” As many rounds as possible in 40 minutes of: 1 round of Cindy 300m run 1 round of Cindy 1 minute rest *20/14lb vest is optional Post rounds completed to beyond the whiteboard.  1 round of Cindy = 5 pullups, 10 pushups, and 15 squats.        

WOD – May 18, 2019

Join us today for open gym 8am to noon, and wods at 8am and 930am! Work Out of the Day 1 mile run for time Or 2k row for time Rest 5 minutes , then “Deadly Ropes” 5 rounds for time of: 2 rope climbs 4 deadlifts, 315/205 8 bar facing burpees Post times to […]

WOD – May 17, 2019

Today we will be doing a special workout in honor of a friend that past away recently, losing his battle with cancer.  Please check out his workout and story below.  Work Out of the Day                                         […]