May 24, 2009

Work Out of the Day


Make up a workout you avoided during the week


baker and able – from CrossFit 324

for time:

10 d-lifts
10 squat cleans
10 thrusters
10 hang cleans
10 front squats
10 push presses
10 sumo d-lift high pulls
rest 5 min
repeat with 95lb
average the two times for score

May 22, 2009

Work Out of the Day

“Double Team”

In teams of 2 for time:

400m uneven farmers carry 90lbs/overhead carry 25lbs

100 burpees - pullups

100m sprint

100 sdhp 75lbs – wallballs

100m sprint

 100 ghd situps – Kb swings

400m farmers carry 90lbs/ overhead carry 25lbs

One team member carries a total of 90lbs in dumbells or kettle bells while the other carries 25lbs locked out overhead.  Partners can switch at any time, but cannot advance unless overhead weight is locked out.  Partners work simultaneously at stations completing a total of 100 reps of each movement.  Once 100 reps is complete, partners alternate to finish 2nd movement.  The sprints are done one at a time.  Reps can be split up however.


May 21, 2009

Work Out of the Day

 For time:

50 double unders

100ft walking lunge, 65lb/45lb

15 hspu

10 pullups

100ft walking lunge

10 hspu

50 double unders

20 pullups

100ft walking lunge

5 hspu

30 pulllups

100ft walking lunge

50 double unders


May 19, 2009

Work Out of the Day


For time:

75 Power Snatch, 75lbs/53lbs


Randy Simmons, 51, a 27 year LAPD veteran and SWAT team member was killed February 6, 2008 in the line of duty.



May 18, 2009

Work Out of the Day

Quarter Gone Bad

Five rounds for total reps of:
135lb Thruster, 15 seconds
Rest 45 Seconds
50lb Weighted pull-up, 15 seconds
Rest 45 Seconds
Burpees, 15 seconds
Rest 45 seconds





The muscle up starts with the false grip and elbows fully extended.  It’s followed by a pullup, bringing the rings to your chest, rolling your chest over, and finishing with a locked out dip at the top.  Not only is the muscle up unmatched in building upper body strength, but it is also a critical survival skill.  If you are strong enough to do 15 pullups and 15 dips then you are strong enough to do a muscle up.  But the false grip and the transition are the most difficult parts to overcome.   Gymnasts rate their moves from A to E according to difficulty with E being the most difficult.  They give the muscle up an A.  Easy for gymnasts, but almost impossible for regular people.   But once you get it, anything you get a finger hold on, you can get on top of.  It’s truly one of the most functional, useful and all around badass movements in CrossFit.  Who will be next to get their first muscle up?

May 15, 2009

Work Out of the Day


For time:
100 Squats
5 Muscle-ups
75 Squats
10 Muscle-ups
50 Squats
15 Muscle-ups
25 Squats
20 Muscle-ups

 S01 (SEAL) Jason Dale Lewis was killed by an IED while conducting combat operations in Southern Baghdad July 6, 2007.