Congratulations Shain!!!

I want to congratulate my brother, Shain.  He is finishing his 4th year of medical school at Touro University.  Shain just got accepted to AOA Residency Program for Orthopedic Surgery at Valley Medical Center here in Las Vegas!  There were only 2 spots available here in Vegas and of course this is a super competitive field.  It just shows Shain’s hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

Shain has always wanted to be a Doctor.  He was born with a clubbed foot and had to have surgery on his ankle right away.  He crawled around with 2 casts on his legs as a baby.  He learned he had to work harder than anyone else from the very beginning.  But Shain started walking immediately after the casts came off.  More surgeries were needed later on, but they never stopped Shain from playing sports and staying in great shape. Shain has a huge heart and is all about giving back, helping, and teaching others.  Becoming an orthopedic surgeon will allow him to do that in so many ways.

Shain and I started SinCity CrossFit and throughout his busy pre-med schedule he still finds time to help out at the gym when he can.  He still hits the WOD whenever he has time, even if he was up all night working at a hospital.  And even though he is super busy, he always has time to talk to members and ask them about their day.  I’m so proud to call Shain my brother, friend, business partner, and best man.  CrossFit tests work capacity across broad time and modal domains.  And nobody works harder than Shain.  You are the best and I’m so stoked that you’re staying here in Vegas!




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