December 22, 2010

Come bring a friend and wear your silliest Christmas sweater.  The best dressed will win our new SinCity CrossFit hoodie and we’ll also be giving away a free months membership!  All workout times are the same, but we will have free food and drinks from 4-8pm.  Feel free to bring any friends that are new to CrossFit.

Work Out of the Day“Crazy Christmas Sweater WOD”In teams of 2 for time:50  pullups (switch as needed)100m  leap frogs (alternating)50 team wallballs, 14lb/10lb (alternating)100m burpee jump overs (alternating)50 box jumps, 24″ (alternating)100m buddy carry (switch as needed)50 buddy situps (same time)100m wheelbarrow walk (switch as needed) 

50 kb swings, 53/35lb (switch as needed)50 cal row (switch as needed)

Pullups are done switching with teammate as needed and assisting is allowed.  Wallballs are alternating reps with teammates throwing to eachother.  Burpee and broad jump over partner alternating reps for distance.   Situps done side by side, facing opposite direction, at same time.  Hold teammates feet for wheelbarrow walk.  Must hold bottom squat position while teammate rows.



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