Free Nutrition Seminar!



SCCF will be holding a free nutrition seminar on Friday July 29th at 7pm.  This is a great resource for those of you that have any questions or just want to learn more about the paleo or zone diets.  We will have a presentation on each one and help you decide which diet will work best for you.  The diet challenge, which starts Aug 1, will also be explained and the prizes anounced.  There is a $10 sign up fee and today will be the last day to sign up for it.  Make sure and get your body fat measured and pics taken this week. 


After the seminar you are all welcome to join us for a potluck dinner at Kellie and Cassie’s place.  There will be delicious paleo and zone food options for you to enjoy.  If you have any good recipes be sure to bring them so everyone else can try them.  It will also be your last chance to get really drunk before the diet challenge officially begins!


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