• There are many CrossFit gyms. Are they all the same?

    All CrossFit gyms are defiinitely not the same.  Although we are all affiliated through CrossFit HQ, most gyms are individually owned and operated. We are a CrossFit affiliate because we beleive it is the best program for advancing human performance, and the results are unmatched.

    Some gyms may omit common modalities such as olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, or even running.  Some use only bodyweight exercises or kettlebells.  There are also many differences in training styles and methods.  We show you what to do, teach you how to do it, and explain why you are doing it. You will constantly learn new skills and improve techniques that will help advance your fitness.

    So, once again, CrossFit gyms are similar, but can be vastly different.  It depends on what fits you best and what your goals are.  Either way, we are stoked that you found CrossFit no matter where you are doing it.  When done correctly there is no doubt, it is the best strength and conditioning program on the planet.

  • Is CrossFit for everybody?

    Anybody can do CrossFit, but not everybody will do it.  It is hard work, and some folks don’t have what it takes to succeed.  Your fitness level is irrelevant, but your willpower is what matters  Do you want to be your best? Do you want to change your current level of fitness?  How bad do you want it?

  • Do I need to get in shape before doing CrossFit?

    No.  You don’t need to do P90x, spin class, lift weights, do more cardio, lose some weight or anything else before doing CrossFit.  Our workouts are universally scaleable to all levels and abilities.  Aside from that, nothing will prepare you for them. The fastest way to get in shape is to start doing CrossFit and eating right as soon as possible.

  • Will I get a six pack?

    With hard work and proper eating, yes.  Nutrition is the foundation of CrossFit and abs are made in the kitchen.  Our nutrition coaching is the key to losing weight, gaining muscle or, improving performance.  We will not only help you with your training, but also set you on the right path to eating healthy.  Ask about our nutrition program during your “No Sweat Intro”.

  • I have a bad back, bad knees, bad shoulder etc., can I do this?

    Yes.  All workouts can be scaled to your strengths and limitations.  We will strengthen your weak areas, and your physical capabilities will progress quickly.  If limited by a serious injury, we can still program workouts based on you physical capabilities. By utilizing the CrossFit model of performing functional movements and learning to use the proper and full range of motions, I’m confident we can get you back on to the right path to your pre-injury days.

  • I want to put on muscle. Should I do this?

    Yes, if you are interested in gaining real functional muscles without artificial enhancements.  If you seriously want to put on muscle you need to exercise all muscle groups at varying intensities, reps, and loads.  You also need to feed growing muscle the right way, and with the nutritional information we offer, you will be on the right path to attaining your desired fitness goals.

  • I am a senior, will this be too hard?

    There is no such thing as being too old or to young.  We will scale the workouts for you and you will progress at your own pace.  Keeping your independence for as long as possible is best accomplished through constantly varied, functional movements, done at high intensity – CrossFit.