July 13th – Bill Grundler’s Master Experience Seminar

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The Bill Grundler Master Experience Seminar is a 8-hour seminar for Masters Athletes, those who want to be Masters Athletes and those who coach Master Athletes.

WHO: The instructor is Bill Grundler,  Winner of the 2019 Masters Open, 2018 Masters Open, 2017 Open and Masters Qualifier, 2016 Open, 2nd place Games 2015, 4 times Masters Games Qualifier, the oldest man to ever beat Rich Froning in a workout [Diane @ 2012 Regionals], 6 year Regional Open Competitor (2009-2014), CrossFit Games commentator since 2010, Creator of @the_legacy_program for Masters Athletes and founder/owner of CrossFit Inferno in San Luis Obispo California (10 year affiliate). 

WHAT: The seminar will look into truly understanding what it means to get older, the Good and the Bad, the difference between Chronological Age and Athletic Age, Injury vs. Laziness, a Mobility Assessment and Mobility techniques, True Recovery, Stress Management, Nutrition, Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids, Supplements, Rest, Programming and a designed workout for the day.  This is for ALL level of athlete whether Games bound or just want to be be better for a long time!


Are you a Masters Athlete, soon to be a Masters Athlete, or coach Masters Athletes? Do you have dreams of competing in the CrossFit Games or just being better for many more years? Well then, you need to think and train like a Master!

This seminar has been held all over the world and is the ONLY thing out there for Masters Athletes to get real world information!


CrossFit Southern California Regional 2012

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