June 20, 2011

Work Out of the Day

“Dime Bag”10 min amrap10 power snatch, 75/53lb10 burpeesthen,10 min amrap10 hang power snatch, 75/53lb10 pushupsPost total rounds and reps to beyond the whiteboard.The 6 week diet challenge is over and the results are in.   There were many factors that went into deciding the winners including  before and after photos, body fat %, lean body mass, weight, and performance on 4 workouts.  It is imperative to record workout times and weights if you are serious about improving your fitness.  We provide free beyond the whiteboard, but it’s on you guys to put in your times.  We can’t list everybody, but the following athletes results really stood out:  Jason A lost 13lbs, 4″ on his waist, 4%bf, and improved his CrossFit Total by 140lbs!  Max lost 7lbs, 3%bf and went up 65lbs on his CFT!  Michelle g lost 9lbs and 5%bf! Susy lost 13lbs and 3%bf!  Martin lost 23lbs, 6%bf, and his metabolic age went from 50 to 35!  Unfortunately, there can only be 2 winners.The most improved woman was Katlyn!  She lost 14lbs, an inch off her waist, and 3%bf.  She also gained 35lbs on her CFT and went from the green band to getting her first pullup last week!  Jason B lost an amazing 25lbs and 5%bf!  He also dropped 4 inches off his waist.  His “Michael” time went down by 2:21 and his “Elizabeth” by 4:18!  He also dropped 3min and 30 sec off his jackie time!  Congratulations to our winners and everyone that made it through the diet challenge.  Please post some comments about how it went for you and what diet you guys used.katlyn-s1katlyn-s2jason-b-s1jason-b-s2


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