May 13, 2009

**Please check schedule link**Work Out of the Day“J-E-L-L-O”For time:400m run50 pushups400m run50 wallballs400m run50 kb swings, 35/25lbs400m run50 overhead lunges w/medball400m run50 squat jumpsbottom-of-the-squatAt the bottom of the squat the crease of the hips must drop below the crease of the kneestop-of-the-squatAt the top of the squat the knees and hips must be fully extended with back in upright position.R.O.M. – Everyone hates to see those letters by their name on the whiteboard.  Range of motion is a very important element in any CrossFit workout.  Everyone must be held to the same standard or else they are not doing the same workout.  CrossFit is measurable, observable, and repeatable; but only if the full range of motion for each movement is attained.  We want to finish a wod as fast as possible, and with that intensity, sometimes your form may not be perfect.  However, your range of motion cannot be sacrificed for speed.  If one cuts their movements short, not only are they doing the workout wrong, but they will also never reach their true potential.  And you will get a big fat ROM by your name.


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