SCCF Affiliate Cup – Turkey Bowl!

Gym is closed!  Workout at dicovery park at 10am and 11am! Football at noon!

Our affiliate cup continues this month with our 3rd annual SCCF Turkey Bowl! The sport is 6 on 6 flag football and we will have men’s and women’s teams from each box! Will South keep the coveted golden kettlebell this month?!

The Turkey Bowl will be on November 29th at noon at Discovery Park (paseo verde and green valley) at noon!

We will have a workout in the park at 10am and 11am and then the football will begin at noon! We would like everyone that can make it to participate! We could even get some tailgating goin on!

Work Out of the Day

In teams of 2, for time:

100yd handstand walk or wheelbarrow walk

50 medball burpees, 20/14lbs

100yd sprint

100yd burpee broad jumps

50 jumping lunges, 20/14lbs

100yd sprint

100yd bear crawl

50 medball cleans, 20/14lbs

100yd sprint

100yd walking lunge, 20/14lbs

50 pushups (feet on medball)

100yd buddy carry 

50 front squats, 20/14lbs

100yd sprint

Post time to beyond the whiteboard.  Movements are completed with one partner working and one resting.  Only the sprints are completed at the same time.


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