New to Crossfit? First Workout is Free!

Your first workout is free here at SinCity CrossFit.  Call at least 24 hours in advance to set up your first workout.  Any of the WOD class times on the schedule below are available.  Please show up 10 minutes early to sign the waiver.  We will have one of our coaches give you a tour of the facility.  Then you will join the class, while the trainer coaches you through it every step of the way.  This will give you a great impression of how the normal classes run, while still getting 1 on 1 coaching.  After the workout the coach will give you some feedback on your fitness level, and recommend the next step (CrossFit 101, Fast Track, or Test Out) in joining SinCity CrossFit.  

Switching Boxes? First Week is Free!

Our coaching, programming, and friendly community is unmatched.  If you just moved to the valley, or you want a change from your current box, we want you to experience all SCCF has to offer.  That’s why your first week is free here.  This will give you a chance to meet all of our different coaches and try our all of our different classes!  See what being an unlimited member is like for a week and drop in to any of our classes below:  WOD, Olympic Weightlifting, Yoga, Open Gym, CF 101, or SCCF Comp Training.  Please call us 24 hours in advance to begin your free week!    


The workout of the day is designed to improve your fitness in every way.  Constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity is the foundation of our fitness program.  People of all ages and abilities are able to complete the workout, because our coaches will modify it to your individual capabilities.  This workout will be different each day, and will always be posted on our main blog the night before.  The class will always begin with a group warm up, followed by mobility, strength, or technique works.  The workout is then explained and customized just for you.  Then it’s 3 2 1 go!  Our enthusiastic coaches, supportive community, and competitive but fun atmosphere will help you give your best effort each day.  All of this in 1 hour, and we will track your times, weights, and reps so that you know you are improving every workout!  Check the schedule below for our WOD times.


SCCF Competitors Training

Since 2009, when SCCF sent a team to the CrossFit Games,  we have had a team or individual qualify for regionals 7 out of 9 years.  Every year the level of competition improves and there is so much to get better at in the sport of fitness.  SCCF Comp Training is extra programming that coincides with our workout of the day to help athletes strengthen their weaknesses faster.  The extra programming consists of gymnastics, weightlifting, or metabolic conditioning workouts that will get you to the next level.  Comp training is not for beginner crossfitters because it requires the experience to rx most wods, and the work capacity to handle the additional volume.  If you have been crossfitting for over a year and want to start competing, then comp training may be just right for you.  We recommend starting off choosing one of the extra workouts, twice a week for a couple weeks.  Pick the type of workouts that you need the most improvement on.  After you feel comfortable with the volume, then continue to add a little more each week, but listen to your body and make sure that you can maintain intensity in the wods.  

What you will get:  

1)  Access to a secret facebook group with all the other athletes following SCCF Comp Training

2)  All SCCF Comp Training and WODS posted before 9pm pacific time 5 days a week (m t w f s)

4)  Access to our beyond the whiteboard SCCF Comp Training Track

5)  Detailed instructions and tips for each workout

6)  Ability to log and compare scores with all other athletes following comp training

7)  Access to SCCF Coaches in the group to answer any questions or give feedback on technuique

8)  Instructional videos describing the more technical movements

9)  Additional drills described in detail to help improve at all CrossFit related skill work

10)  World class programming that will help you achieve your goals in the sport of fitness