Alex Brown

CrossFit Level 1

I grew up in Northern California and relocated here to Henderson in 2013. As a full time employee in the medical field, I find myself passionate about fitness and health and have found a home within the CrossFit community. Junior high through high school I played competitive rugby with a local club. I have taken the passion of learning new sports to a new level with the skills I have learned through CrossFit and am always looking for new sports to learn.
I learned of crossfit in my junior year of college when I was looking for a way to redevelop myself and get into shape.  I started out at 250 pounds and not able to do much if anything physical.  While working for carnival cruise lines, I began working out in a crossfit style but it was really when I got back to the university of Nevada that I was introduced to crossfit.  I immediately fell in love with it after my first wod, which was the filthy fifty.  Throughout the past seven years I developed my skills as both an athlete and as a coach with help from my original box crossfit vacaville as well as fine tuning skills here at sin city crossfit.  What truly amazes me about crossfit is the camaraderie and motivation that we can all draw from each and every member from the box.  This camaraderie pushed me hard enough to compete in NorCal regionals as an individual in 2013 as well as pushed me to complete my level 1 certification in the same year.  With my experience and skill development I hope to push each and every member to do their personal best in every wod and help reach their goals, whether it’s to get back in shape, to compete for the first time, or simply just improve who they are.