Sarah was born and raised in Southern California. She grew up as a competitive swimmer and earned a full athletic scholarship to the University of San Diego where she swam all four years while earning her degree in Visuals Arts with an emphasis in Photography. 
 After completing her senior season of swimming in 2012 she joined CrossFit USD, an affiliate that operated out of the USD varsity gym. After graduating, Sarah was an assistant swim coach for RSD Swimming in Solana Beach, California, and joined another Crossfit gym that had just opened down the street. This is where she really fell in love with Crossfit. A year later she married her husband, and they made the move to Southern Nevada. Joining SinCity CrossFit was the easiest part of the move for Sarah.
 In 2016 Sarah earned her CFL1 and began coaching a couple of classes a week at SCCF and has continued to learn and improve her coaching by attending CrossFit Weightlifting and Crossfit Gymnastics courses. The love of competition is still strong but she has developed a love for coaching and helping others achieve their goals. She loves weightlifting (especially snatches) and still gets in the pool every now and then to train for competitions and coach swim WODs.
Coach Sarah