Shain Howard



Shain was born in Bakersfield, CA and has always been involved in sports. Born with a structural complication (of the ankle) and having multiple surgeries did not stop him from being an active kid growing up. Having lived in Peru and Ecuador during his youth, soccer became his main sport. After moving back to the US, Shain attended Boulder City High School where he wrestled and swam, in addition to playing soccer. Having to transition between them, he realized that being conditioned for one sport does not make you prepared you for the physical challenges of the next sport.

After high school Shain attended UNLV. To stay in shape he did the typical weight-lifting workout, and played soccer in his free time. He graduated with a Bachelor’s in Pre-professional Biological Sciences, and is working toward becoming an Physician.

Shain’s first CrossFit was in his brothers’ garage in 2007. He was puzzled at how exhausted he was after such a short workout. He started out doing it about once a week in addition to his generic weight lifting program. He thought he needed to keep weight lifting to continue to build strength. He realized later, that the functional strength built through CrossFit is superior to the one-dimensional isolation movements found in body building. Like most weight lifters, his lower body strength was sorely lacking – in part, because of range of motion issues associated with his leg. He has learned to overcome the range of motion issues through proper form, and is relieved to be able to benefit from essential movements, like the squat. His desire to help people extends beyond his career goals and into helping prevent and overcome injury through CrossFit.