We will always remember October 1 and how it brought the Vegas Community together. In these times of division it is important to remember that life is too short to live with fear and anger.


In teams of 2, for time:

91 Power snatches, 75/55lbs (buy in)

10 rounds-
200m Run (together)
-1 Rope climb (or 10 T2B)
17 Thrusters, 75/55lb

58 synchronized burpees over the bar (cash out)

On October 1, 2017 a terrorist opened fire, from the Mandalay Bay, on civilians attending the Route 91 Festival here in Las Vegas, NV. This workout is in honor of those attending the concert, all the first responders and other hero’s that saved so many lives, and the way our whole city banded together in support that night. The 91 power snatches is for the name of the event and because everyone was having a great time with their hands up at the concert. The middle of the workout represents the date that we will never forget, 10/1/2017. There are 58 burpees, 1 for each victim that had their life taken that horrible night. The synchronized burpees at the end represent everyone getting down to take cover when they heard gunfire, and then getting back up to get away. Rope climbs and running represent the survivors running and climbing to safety. And the thrusters symbolize helping others get over walls, fences, and other obstacles to escape the danger. This is a team workout because there was so much teamwork and heroism shown that night by so many. Rhino Crossfit Camp Rhino CrossFit Apollo , CrossFit Social City , CrossFit West Vegas CrossFit Max Effort SinCityCrossfit came together to create this workout, and we invite the whole CrossFit community to come together and commemorate this tragic event. Las Vegas will never be the same, but we will continue to grow stronger together, and we will forever be better


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