WOD – April 11, 2016

I want to wish a Happy Birthday to my brother Shain, without him this gym wouldn’t be where it’s at today!

Congratulations to all of our members that completed the 8 week nutrition challenge.  There were some amazing results!

I would like to give the following athletes a shout out who did great but didn’t win.  Jason B lost 22lbs, but unfortunately since he twisted his ankle playing soccer he couldn’t re do the workouts and wasn’t eligible to win.  Charlene improved 5min on Hammer and 4min on blake and lost 8%bf!  Blake improved by 3min on Hammer and Joshua and 30lbs on his 3rm front squat!  He also lost 8lbs and 2.5in off his waist.  Jamie lost 4lbs and 10%bf and improved by 1:26 on the sled push.  And Finally Dean went up 10lbs on his snatch, lost 4min on Blake, lost 5%bf and 3in off his waist!

 The 3rd place winners were Annette and Kyle L!  Annette got 4 minutes faster on Blake, lost 5lbs, 9%bf, and her waist went from 27.5 to 24 inches!  Kyle forgot to log some of his workout, but he did improve by 36 seconds on Mr Joshua and 91 seconds on Blake.  He also lost 3.5 inches, 6%bf and 13lbs!  They win $50 and an SCCF shirt!

The 2nd place guy got 2min faster on Blake, 1:24 faster on the sled push, and went up 45lbs on his 1rm snatch!  He also lost 6%bf, 3.75 inches off his waist, and 9.5lb!  And the 2nd place female completed and improved on every single workout.  Here 3rm front squat went up 15lbs and her snatch went up 10lbs.  She lost 2in off her waist, 3%bf, and 11lbs!  She also got her first chest to bar pullup in the open and then got her first bar muscle up and did 12 of them in 16.3!  Great job Terra and John, you take home a shirt and $100 each!

This was a tough decision, but these two athletes won because they improved in every single category.  The top lady improved by 43 seconds on her sled push, 2min on Randy, and 5lbs on her snatch.  She also got 2min faster on Jackie and her 3rm front squat went up 45lbs!  She also lost 5lbs, 12%bf, and 4 inches off her waist!  The top guy completed and improved on every workout.  He got 4min faster on Hammer, 3min faster on Mr Joshua, and a minute faster on Blake!  He also got 98 seconds faster on Jackie, 1:49 faster on Randy, and 1:48 faster on the sled push!  And he improved 10lbs on his front squat and 35lbs on his 1rm snatch!  He also lost 2%bf, 10lbs and 3.5 inches off his waist.  And he also got his first bar muscle up during the open and was able to complete every open workout Rxd!  $200, a free month, and an SCCF Shirt goes to MaryAnn and Nick F!  

Work Out of the Day

Clean and Jerk 3-3-3-3-3


“The Doctor”

5 rounds for max reps in 3 minutes of:

3 jerks, 155/105lb

6 pullups

9 box jumps, 20″

1 minute rest

Post loads and total reps to beyond the whiteboard.  Pick up where you left off at each round.


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