WOD – January 7, 2016

Work Out of the Day

Make Up a Workout You Missed This Week


1) mfmfmf (any order)

For time: –
for time: .
25/20 cal row
20 strict hspu
20 power clean, 135/95lb.
20 triple unders.
20 c2b pullups
20 thrusters, 135/95lb.
(12min time cap for team. 7 for individuals)
*When 1 athlete completes movement the next athlete can advance to that movement

2 and 3) mmm fff teams .

6 min max reps: 
1min snatch 165/115.
1min snatch 185/125.
1min snatch 205/135.
1min snatch 225/155.
1min snatch 245/155.
*score is total snatch reps
**squat snatch

4) Immediately after snatches:

2min max distance hs walk
*score is total hs walk distance
**1male and 1 female at a time

5) fff mmm –

All synchro for time: 
70 wall balls, 20/14lb
60 pullups.
50 front squats, 155/105lb.
40 handstand pushups
30 overhead squats, 155/105lb.
20 muscle ups
(15min time cap)
*2 people work synchronized, one person rests. Switch at any time
**Men start, ladies begin at after wallballs finished

6) mf mf mf –

In teams of 2 for time:
60 ghd situps.
60 kb snatches, 70/53lb.
50 burpee box jumps, 24″.
50 synchro toes to bar
50 burpee box jumps, 20″.
50 synchro kb swing, 70/53lb
7 rope climbs
(20min time cap)
*After the movement is complete the next pair can follow


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