WOD – October 9, 2016

Congrats to Reahana and Brennan for taking 7th place at the Apollo Games on Saturday!  They took 2nd place in the shuttle run, and top 10 on wod 2 and 4!  Way to represent SCCF!

Work Out of the Day

Make Up a Workout You Missed This Week


SCCF Comp Training –

1) 3 rounds for max reps of:
1min D-Ball Shoulder, 150/90lb
1min Burpee Box jump over, 20″
1min 6ft Sled Push, 145/100lb
1min rest
*10sec rest between stations
***Score total reps per round

2a) 5 x 1 3 position clean + 1 Jerk (floor, knee, high hang)

2b) 1 strict muscle up + 1 kipping muscle up + 1 ring dip
*each set increase each movement by 1 rep if possible

3) For time:
30 thrusters, 95/65lb
10 pullups
10 kb swings, 53/35lb
3 rope climbs, 20′
20 thrusters, 95/65lb
20 pullups
20 kb swings, 53/35lb
2 rope climbs, 20′
10 thrusters, 95/65lb
30 pullups
30 kb swings, 53/35lb
1 rope climb, 20′

4) 4 x 3 front squats + 6 back squats+ 9 deadlifts (use same weight as heaviest from #2 for all sets.)
*no rest between movements


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