WOD – September 7, 2019

Come hit up the workout today at 8am or 930am!  This workout simulates working out while pregnant.  Cori and Kaylee have been CrossFitting all throughout their pregnancies.  Come wod with them at 930am and bring some diapers to show your support!

Work Out of the Day

“SCCF Daiper WOD 2.o”

In teams of 2, 
2 rounds for time of:
20 down ups 
400ft shuttle run, 30/20lb ball
30/24 cal bike or row
300ft farmers carry, 106/70lb
40 step ups, 30/20lb ball
200ft  walking lunge, 30/20lb ball
50 ball slams, 30/20lb ball
100ft sandbag bear hug carry, 100/70lb
100 double unders
50ft sled push, 155/115lb

*The average weight gain for a pregnancy is 20-35lb.  So if you are not pregnant, you must complete the movements with a 30/20lb ball.  If you are pregnant, you only need the ball for ball slams and for the sandbag carry.

Post times to beyond the whiteboard.

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