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Athlete Spotlight – Tori Robbins

Name: Tori Robbins Age: 22, I’ll be 23 in March 🙂 Occupation: Student at UNLV/Coach at SCCFS/Wife Single/married/family? Married to Jonathan Robbins Favorite activity outside of CrossFit? I pretty much just Crossfit all the time.. and lay on the couch. Favorite workout music? Greenday, Disturbed, Blink 182, and any other rock.. but not metal. Do […]

WOD – January 6, 2015

*Basic times today are 9am, 430pm, and 630pm* *New skills cycle starts today at 8am and 730pm* Work Out of the Day 110111 Mainsite WOD Three rounds for time of: 6 Muscle-ups 30 Wallballs, 20/14lbs 12 Handstand push-ups 15 Power cleans, 135/95lbs Post time to beyond the whiteboard. [Show slideshow] Basics 5 rounds for time […]

WOD – January 5, 2015

***Today is the last day to register for the AWF Grand Open!  Go to http://www.americanweightliftingfederation.org/ to register now*** *8am class has been cancelled* Work Out of the Day Max Effort Toes to Bar  then, Overhead Squat 5-5-5-5-5 then, As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of: 2 lateral bar burpees 2 overhead squats, 135/95lbs *every […]

WOD – January 2, 2014

*Friday schedule is wod and basics at 10am, noon, 430pm, and 530pm.  Strength at 11am and 530pm*   Work Out of the Day “Luke”                                                               […]

WOD – December 31, 2014

We wish all of our members a Happy and Safe New Years!  Our workout times for wod and basics today are 10am, noon and 9pm!  We will have open gym at 11am and 8pm for any PRs to check off the list before the year ends.  After the 9pm wod we invite everyone to stay […]

WOD – December 30, 2014

*Your last chance to get that first muscle up in 2014 is at tonight’s gymnastics class* ***Tuesday is normal schedule. Wednesday workouts are 10 and noon only. Closed Thursday.  10am, noon, 430pm, and 530pm Friday*** Work Out of the Day Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 then, “Fran” 21-15-9 reps for time of: thrusters, 95/65lbs pullups Post loads […]

WOD – December 29, 2014

***Monday and Tuesday are normal schedule. Wed workouts are 10 and noon only. Closed Thursday*** Work Out of the Day Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 then, “Isabel” For time: 30 power snatches, 135/95lbs rest 2 minutes 30 toes to bars rest 1 minute 30 burpees Post Isabel time and total time to beyond the whiteboard. Basics 5 rounds […]

WOD – December 26, 2014

***We hope everyone had a great Christmas!  Today we have wod and basics at 10am, noon, 430pm, and 530pm.  Strength is at 11am and 530pm*** Work Out of the Day and Basics “Cindy” Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of: 5 pull-ups 10 Push-ups 15 Squats   or   “Hard Cindy“ Complete […]

WOD – December 24, 2014

***Christmas eve workout times are 10am and noon wod and basics will be the same 11am strength*** Work Out of the Day / Basics Workout “12 Days of Christmas in 2014” For time: 1 Tire Flip, big/medium/small 2 burpee box jump, 30/24/20″ 3 alternating jumping lunges, 30/20/14lbs  4 slapping pushups/pushups  5 wallballs, 30/20/14lbs 6 ghd […]

WOD – December 23, 2014

The schedule this week and next week is as follows:  Wednesday – Christmas Sweater Workout at 10am, 11am, and noon  Thursday – Closed for Christmas Friday –  10am, 11am, noon, 430pm, 530pm  Saturday – Open gym 9am to noon Sunday – Open gym 10am to 1pm Work Out of the Day “The Other Total” 1 […]