Fit Challenge – Las Vegas

Event Info

Who:    Any man or woman over the age of 18 who wishes to compete!

What:    A single-day event involving 3 workouts to find the fittest man and woman in Las Vegas!

When:    Saturday, June 6th  -  Check-in at 9:00am

Where:    CrossFit Las Vegas – register HERE or inside the gym!

Why:    Because we wanna, damnit!


There will be four (4) divisions for the entire competition: Men’s Prescribed, Women’s Prescribed, Men’s Scaled, Women’s Scaled.  This means ANYONE can compete (although, participating in the scaled divisions will prevent you from winning the title of Fittest in Las Vegas).

There will be three workouts: the first at 10am, the second at 1pm and the third at 4pm.  This will allow fair and adequate rest between events.

Not sure which division to register for?  If you can accomplish the following, you should register for the Prescribed divisions:

Fran:    Sub 8 minutes for male, sub 10 minutes for female

Deadlift: 1 rep max of 150% or more of your bodyweight

The Event Timeline

Alright, so here is the timeline for Saturday, June 6th!  If you have any questions, send an e-mail or ask us in the gym!

0900    -    Spectator/Athlete arrival and check-in

0945    -    ”Welcome and Thank You” announcements

1000    -    WOD #1

1245    -    All athletes must be back

1300    -    WOD #2

1545    -    All athletes must be back

1600    -    WOD #3

1715    -    Awards

May 28, 2009

Work Out of the Day

Great Basin Regional CrossFit Games Qualifier Final Workout

For time:

800m run

Three rounds of :
10 Squat cleans 155lb/100lb
20 Chest to bar pullups
30 Box jump 30″/24″

800m run


May 26, 2009

Work Out of the Day


Two rounds, of each couplet, for time of:

750 meter Row
20 Handstand Push-ups

115 pound Thruster, 20 reps
20 L-Pull-ups


Memorial Day

***SinCity CrossFit is closed for Memorial Day***

Rest Day

Today we remember those who lost their life serving our country 

CrossFit Heros – video [wmv] [mov] from



May 24, 2009

Work Out of the Day


Make up a workout you avoided during the week


baker and able – from CrossFit 324

for time:

10 d-lifts
10 squat cleans
10 thrusters
10 hang cleans
10 front squats
10 push presses
10 sumo d-lift high pulls
rest 5 min
repeat with 95lb
average the two times for score

May 22, 2009

Work Out of the Day

“Double Team”

In teams of 2 for time:

400m uneven farmers carry 90lbs/overhead carry 25lbs

100 burpees - pullups

100m sprint

100 sdhp 75lbs – wallballs

100m sprint

 100 ghd situps – Kb swings

400m farmers carry 90lbs/ overhead carry 25lbs

One team member carries a total of 90lbs in dumbells or kettle bells while the other carries 25lbs locked out overhead.  Partners can switch at any time, but cannot advance unless overhead weight is locked out.  Partners work simultaneously at stations completing a total of 100 reps of each movement.  Once 100 reps is complete, partners alternate to finish 2nd movement.  The sprints are done one at a time.  Reps can be split up however.