WOD – September 8, 2017

Watch Erin and the SCCF team of Chris F, Sarah, Reahana, and I compete at the Granite Games live today at http://www.floelite.com/event/255577-2017-kill-cliff-granite-games . Here are the workout times for tomorrow:  830am team cycle, 955am Erin bear run, noon team bear sprint and synchro squat, 145pm Erin cycle

Work Out of the Day

For time:
1000/800m row
75 situps
50 deadlifts, 155/105lb
25 pushups

500/400m row
40 situps
30 power clean, 155/105lb
20 handstand pushups

250/200m row
20 situps
15 pushups
10 ground to overhead, 155/105lb

Post time to beyond the whiteboard.

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