2014 Fall Whole Life Challenge Winners!

Congratulations to everyone that completed the Whole Life Challenge!  Everyone that stuck with it until the end should be very proud of themselves.  Members were asked to log their stats giving them a score each day.  They were asked to eat clean, workout, mobilize, drink enough water, get enough sleep, and make a daily reflection.  We also took measurements and completed at least 3 workouts before and after the 8 weeks.  We had a lot of improvements, but there were 2 people that were the most outstanding over the 8 week challenge.  Each one of them will receive $100, a bag of Progenex recovery, and 10 Fitaids!


BjornBjorn made some huge improvements in the las to months.  He lost 9 inches off  his waist and 8% body fat.   He went from 250lbs to 227lbs!  And He increased his cindy score by 4 rounds and got 171 additional reps on the first challenge wod!  And improved in all the other workouts as well.Michele MLost 3 inches off her waist and 1 inch off of her hips.  She also lost 2%bf and 8lbs!  Michele’s Cindy score went from 15 to 19 rounds!  Her 400m sprint went from 1:48 to 1:37!  She was also the most consistent with a perfect score of 13 every single day through out the 8 week challenge!  Below is a quote from her last reflection on WLC site. “8 weeks ago I was counting down to the final day . Today I’m wishing there were more days left to this challenge. I’ve lost pounds and inches during this challenge but what I’ve gained from it is far more beneficial . I feel the best I’ve ever felt mentally and physically .”michele before 1michele after1michele before 2michele after2




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