2015 SinCity Fit Challenge Wrap Up

Another year, and another amazing competition.  It was so cool to be a part of it and it wouldn’t be possible without such an amazing community that we have.  The volunteers made the event run smoothly and efficiently and showed great team work.  The competitors from every division and every different box were so fun and motivating to watch.  The sponsors took care of the athletes and helped out with some sick prizes and swag.  And the environment was electric thanks to all the spectators that came out to support!

Click Here to see the leaderboard with all the winner!

Congratulations to Sarah V for taking the top spot in the Women’s Rx Division!  She was dominant from start to finish.  Sarah had a 1st on “Lil Eva”, 1st on “7 shot revolver”, and four top 3 finishes, and 6th place was her worst finish!  Also, want to give a shout out to Noe for coming in 4th overall.  She was top 5 in four workouts and had two 2nd place finishes.  Melissa and Courtney both did great as well finishing top 12!

In the Men’s Rx division Jarett took home the silver medal in a very close competition.  He was first on the hspu workout and 2nd on the “Duel to the Death”.  And as one of the smallest competitors in any division, he still had the 6th highest lift of the day!  Great job Derrick and Micah for placing top 15 overall, and Micah came in 2nd in the Police and Fire division!  And a shout out to all our other Rxd guys who worked hard all day:  Keegan, Mike R, Brennan, and Tino!

Congrats to our 3rd place Women’s Masters, Christina A!  She was top 5 in four of the workouts and made it look easy.  Kelly R also finished top 5 in four of the workouts and finished in 5th place!  Our Men’s Masters athletes were Ray and Jon P!  They both did great and were motivating to watch out there.  Ray finished in 8th place and came in 2nd in the pushup workout.

In the Men’s scaled division Travis G won 2nd place overall!  He was consistent all day, top 5 on four wods, and 1st place on “Lil Eva”!  Jamie took 2nd place in the scaled police and fire division and Gary, Edith, and Amy G also finished top 10 in the scaled divisions!  And Tori, Mike L, Kyle L, Lori, Margie, and Eric all showed great effort competing, some of them for their first time!

I want to thank every single volunteer that helped in any way!  You guys are the best!  Thank you Sheena for putting together great goody and prize bags, working the leaderboard all day, and putting up with me. Also, thank you Jessica A for inputting every single score and staying calm and collected.  Thanks to Krista for being the demo girl, dealing w vendors, and rounding up volunteers.  Thank you Shain for taking the time to come out and help me head judge and setup and clean up.  Big thanks to Jake P and Brent who worked their asses off.  Brent was the main reason every heat was on time.  Coordinating athletes with judges and going back and forth non stop.  He totaled 18 miles of walking at the end of the day!  Jake was everywhere, from helping setup night before, to cleaning up after, to fixing scorecards to head judging.

Thanks you so much to all the judges that worked their asses off!  You guys did such a great job it made my job easy.  It was great to have so many judges from other boxes like South SCCF, Apollo, 622, and Combine.  I hope you all will judge again if you aren’t competing because you did a phenomenal job.

Thanks to Rand as always for allowing us to host the event.  Great job on the mic out there all day with no breaks!  This event wouldn’t be the same without you.  Thanks to DJ Andy G from 104.3 for pumping everyone up for every workout.  He laid down the beats which made the atmosphere so intense.  And even my mom said she didn’t want to leave just because she liked the music haha.   And thanks to Antonio for the demo videos and Ray as well for taking all the sick pics all day!  And thanks to Fallon and Kenisha for running the medical table all day!

I want to give a shout out to all the sponsors who supported this event in no particular order.  Thank you Bjorn and WP WODS for giving our website the capability to display easy to use leaderboards.  Thanks to Surehands Chef Michael for providing delicious paleo meals for all our volunteers!  Thanks to Nikole and Progenex for the athlete bags and force!  Thanks to About Time Protein Pancakes for cooking up those treats.    Thank to Jill at target for supplying waters for athletes and volunteers.  Thanks to RJ with Fysical LV for the athlete massages.

Thanks to all of our shirt sponsors and prize pack sponsors:  104.3NOW FM, Fuel For Fire, Atlas Power Wraps, The Dillinger, Sting Alarm, Inov8, Jason Hill with Leader One Financial, Village Runner, Stay True Tatoo, Canyon Lake Neck and Back, and Natural Grips.

Last but not least thanks to all the boxes that sent athletes to compete from all over.  Thanks to Mike at CrossFit Henderson for lending us some weights and sending 7 athletes to compete, including himself!  Thanks to SVC for always bring their crew, they were 13 athletes deep!  And also South SCCF with 7 athletes and Fit to Your Core also had 7 athletes. Thanks to all the other boxes that represented as well and made this competition happen.



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