2016 Valentine’s Day Massacre Results

We had an amazing time hosting the Valentine’s Day Massacre this year!  I have so many people to thank that are responsible for making this a successful event.   I hope everyone had a lot of fun and I would appreciate any feedback, good or bad, so that we can continue to improve and make it even better next year.

I would like to congratulate the first place team Kristen and Eddie, Swolemates, from Crossfit Apollo.  They were very consistent all day placing 3rd on clean snatch, 2nd on perfect 10s, and 3rd on the power couplet final.  They are now the  fittest couple in Vegas and get to take home $500, the kb heart medallion, and the King and Queen crown to hold until next year!

2nd place goes to Nikole and Arvin, Always for Love, from South Vegas CrossFit.  They took 5th and 4th on “sticky quicky”, and dominated the final event with their teamwork and gymnasty skills.  And Sarah and Bryan, Just Friends, from SinCity CrossFit round out the podium in 3rd place.  They were 1st on wod 1,  4th on “sticky quicky lady”, and 2nd place on the final wod.   Also, Sarah, who was sick leading up to the event, was breathtaking in her performance of the national anthem!

Click here to checkout all the scores from The 2016 V Day Massacre

We would also like to give a shout out to all the #SCCF teams that competed.  4th place went to Reahana and Chris who took 1st place on the “sticky quicky lady”.  Watch out for them next year to win it all.  Melissa and Derrick were right behind them coming in at 6th place.  Kaylee and Travis improved by 30 spots from last year placing 27th.  Kenisha and Mike V came in 35th and it was the first time competing for both of them!  Also, congratulations to Wendy adn Roy who got a engaged right after the final event anouncement!  It was a cool suprise and brought back memories of so many couple starting their relationships at our box!  It was a tough field of 75 teams from the following boxes:  #622, #Apollo, #Axle, #CAC, #Culmination, #IronTalon, #MaxEffort, #MountainsEdge, #Outcast, #Rancho, #RawAppeal. #SSCCF, #SCV, #SocialCity, #Summerlin, #ThisIsCrossFit, #VVV.  Every team that showed up and competed should be proud of their performance.

The reason these events are successful is because of our volunteers.  It wouldn’t be possible without such an awesome community of hardworking individuals coming together to make it happen.  First I would like to thank my wife Sheena for all the behind the scenes stuff, including planning, goody bags, and scorekeeping.  And thank you for working so hard each year on this event that we are too tired to do anything on V day.  And thanks to Zoe and Jessica for also assisting with scorekeeping.  I also want to thank Krista for all her work on social media promoting the event, testing out the wods with me, and doing all the little things during the day do make sure the event runs smoothly.

I also want to thank Jake for helping me do so many things the week of the event.  From flipping tires, to setting up, to drawing chalk lines, to moving bleachers, to checking math on score sheets.  Your hard work was a big part of our success.  Another guy that came up huge as always was Brent.  You did a great job of coordinating athletes and judges to ensure the heats were on time.  And I know you had over 14miles on your fitbit, so you literally worked your ass off.  Thanks to Tony and Mike C as well for helping with the set up, moving equipment all day, and helping with clean up after.

I want to thank my brother Shain for stepping away from his busy schedule as a resident to come down and help out with the event.  It was great to have you there as a head judge and to help manage everything.  Also, thanks to TJ for helping out as a head judge and letting us borrow so much equipment form SCCF South.

Thank you Suzie for stepping in last minute to mc the event.  She was a natural on the mic and kept everyone hyped up throughout the day.  I want to thank Ray and Blake for taking some badass pics all day at the event.  It’s so valuable to be able to look back at those pics and relive those awesome moments.  Thank you both for making our event even more memorable.  If you haven’t seen the pics, check them out

here at

It was great to have experienced coaches and athletes judging like Alex, Jarett, Christina, Thomas, Amy G, Dan G, Ken J, Nicole, CJ, Renee, and Nancy.  Also, thanks to our newer judges like Tim, Megan , Dean, Jess F, and Rhonda.  Thanks to Veronica, Cassie, Harveen, and Lynette for coming down form South SinCity CrossFit, and Brandon T for coming down from Max Effort to volunteer.  I really can’t thank you guys enough.

Thank you #DJBoogie for keeping the place pumped all day long with all the right jams.  Thanks to Atish for patching everyone up and sending them back out after they got destroyed by each workout.  Thanks to our cleanup crew between heats:  Reese,  Amod, and Kylie.  They did a great job of wiping up the sweat, chalk, and blood between every single heat.

Finally I would like to thank all of our event sponsors:

Thanks to the Dillinger and Grant for supplying the beer and coming down to tap it for us.

Thanks to Jon P and Sting Alarm for supporting the V Day Massacre.

Also thanks to Angee with Deep Freeze for rejuvenating our athletes in the freeze chamber between wods.

Thanks to Real Water for providing water for all athletes, volunteers, and spectators.  And thank you to all our sponsors that provided goodys for all the athletes and prizes for our winners.

Last but not least, thanks to Nick Massie for coming down and cooking for all of us.  He cooks at all the biggest events like the CrossFit Games, but still makes time to show up at smaller events like ours.  Your amazing tri tip had our whole crew fueled up all day long.

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