Affiliate Cup Champions!

What an amazing day we had at the Vegas Fit Wars on Saturday.  I am so proud of all 52 SCCF athletes that came to compete and showed great sportsmanship.  You all earned the Affiliate Cup Trophy with your hard work.   This was a team competition and we had 13 of the 48 teams that showed up.  But ya’ll didn’t just show up, you all pushed yourselves to the limit and left it all out there.  There is no doubt we have the best box in Vegas because of the awesome community that we have.  We will proudly display the trophy all year and we will be ready to defend the title next year.I was bummed about letting my team down in the first workout.  But I had no time to feel sorry for myself.  In every heat I had a team to cheer on and coach.  I saw inspiring performances by each on of you.  And like Sheena said, this award means way more than any individual accolade I could win myself.  Many of you were competing for the first time, but I know it won’t be the last.  And I know that you all motivated and inspired many others to compete next year.The Affiliate Cup Trophy was awarded for most points earned from team placings in the RX and Scaled divisions.  Click here for a link to the results.  Congrats to the Dirty 30s (Kyle, Suzie, Bobbie, and Bryan) finishing 2nd place in the Rxd division.  They showed great teamwork, composure, and skill in every workout.We also had the Quad Squad (Alex, Sarah, Jake, Jen G) finish in 5th.  Sarah is so bad ass she didn’t even let food poisoning keep her from competing.  And even though Jen got a concussion in the 2nd workout, she showed her toughness by completing it.  And the team showed their strength by still placing 3rd in the final workout without their injured teammate.  Not to mention, we also had 2 other teams in the top 15 in the Rx division.I also wanna give a shout out to 4 Jerks Are Better Than 1 (Sam, Katie, Bruce, and Reahana) for winning first place in the scaled division.  It was Sam, Bruce, and Katie’s first CrossFit comp, but they looked like veterans out there.   They were very consistent finishing in the top 5 in all but one workout.  They will be a force in the Rx division if they choose to stay together next year.We also had 3 other teams finish in the top 10: Ghost Thrusters (Ken, Liana, Amanda, and Micah),  Snatchmatics (Dan, Amber, Christina, and Joe), and Tight Butts and Sweaty Nutts (Anthony, Terra, Edwin, and Julia).   So proud of Amber who is a few months pregnant but still stronger and faster than most crossfitters.  And Anthony was a last minute replacement, but killed it on only a weeks notice in his first CrossFit competition.  I also want to give a shout out to Jazmin and Julie.  Julie was coming off an injury and almost didn’t compete.  Afterwards, she was glad she did, because she had a blast and she felt great.  Jazmin missed the 30″ box jump and took one right in the shins.  Many would have quit right there, but Jazmin shook it off and nailed the last 4 burpee box jumps with blood running down her legs.  There are so many other awesome moments that I could go on and on.SinCity CrossFit South also had a great turnout with 4 teams competing. Congrats to Dawn of the Deadlift (Amy, Johnny, Wendy, and Jason) for taking 2nd place in the scaled division. And Southies Belles and Balls (Courtney, Sara, Joel, and RJ) kicked butt finishing top 10 in the Rx division.I want to thank my box and our coaches for being awesome.  I also want to thank all our members that came out to cheer us on.  Thanks to Jared and his staff at CrossFit 702 for hosting a great event.  Thanks to Mikey for doing all the behind the scenes stuff.  Thanks to all the volunteers for doing  the dirty work.  I wanna thank my team for their amazing effort.  The trophy is getting SinCity CrossFit engraved on it right now.  As soon as that’s done we will have it back at the box for all to see.  Every affiliate in Vegas is going to want to take it.   I can’t wait to fight for it again next year with all my SinCity soldiers!




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