December 26, 2010

Rest DayRest orMake up a workout you missed this week

 2010christmascollageMobility WOD-Many of you have made huge gains through CrossFit in strength, endurance, and overall work capacity.  But one area many of us overlook is flexibility.  Many of us don’t know how to stretch correctly or which stretches will help us the most.  If you do the same stretching routine everyday it may not be the most effective way to gain flexibility and mobility. is an excellent resource for you to attack your weaknesses and regain that mobility you had when you were young.  Kelly Starrett (owner of San Francisco CrossFit, Dr. of physical therapy, and all around badass) posts a video everyday on this blog to help people mobilize themselves.  He recommends doing 10min a day on the areas that give you the most trouble.  If you have shoulder issues but are good everywhere else, than look through the shoulder videos and focus on those everyday.  But if you are like most of us, it wouldn’t hurt to improve your flexibility and mobility on all your joints and tissues.  It’s free so you have no reason not to check it out.  If you can’t touch your toes, or overhead squat more than a pvc, or you just wish you could do the splits like Jean Claude Van Damme in Bloodsport; there is no excuse.  The link on the bottom left will get you to the mobility wod when you are lost and need to mobilize yourself.


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