February 20, 2011

Rest DayForm and ROM vs IntensityCrossFit is measurable, observable, and repeatable.  We want to achieve full range of motion during every workout because those are the requirements for the movements.  If you aren’t getting full range of motion, then you aren’t doing the same movement and can’t be compared to someone who is.  For some this might be a flexibility issue and need to work towards it with the mobility wod.  On the other hand, sometimes with intensity and trying to go as fast as possible we sacrifice some range of motion.  This is not acceptable.  You will not get the full benefit of the workout this way, and are short changing yourself.  It’s not always evident to an athlete when they do this.  That’s one reason we are there as trainers.  So if you have to repeat reps, or we slow you down so you can get it right, it is only for your own good. Good form and technique are actually completely different from ROM.  It is possible to achieve full range of motion on many movements with poor form.  But once again, this is not in your best interest for that particular wod or for your fitness and health as a whole.  Consistently completing reps with poor form will bring your strength numbers to a screeching halt.  Not to mention, it can lead to all kinds of unnecessary injuries.  It is also very difficult do undo these bad habits after they are locked into your muscle memory.  You have to concentrate on it, each and every rep, during a wod to fix these faults.  It might seem more difficult at first, but moving efficiently with good form will achieve the fastest time.  There is a fine line between having great form and high intensity during a workout.  But, your midline stability is not something you want to sacrifice for a faster time.   Sometimes the weight is not the issue, but our only recourse is to lower the weight until proper form can be achieved.  Some may look at this as punishment, but in reality we are only looking out for your safety as friends and coaches.  Why is Range of motion and good form important to CrossFit?  Why is it important for you as an athlete?  Please leave an answer in the comments. 



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