January 10th, 2009

Make up a workout you missed this weektank-l-pullup1This was a good post I read from our friends at CrossFit Ocean City.Why does it matter if you can’t do a movement or load as prescribed? The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter at all. Not everyone has the physical capacity, flexibility, coordination, or strength to perform workouts as prescribed. This is why scaling is so important to understand. Proper movement and form are more important than going too heavy or doing a workout as prescribed if the intensity drops off as a result. It is always better to drop the load, or perform a substitute/scaled movement than to reinforce poor habits and movement patterns, or to risk injury. Just because you decided to go at a WOD with a prescribed load doesn’t mean that you did it correctly. Also, it may take you so long to complete the WOD as prescribed that you lost the benefit of the metabolic conditioning the WOD was designed to produce. So, next time you see a heavy load and want to go as prescribed, take a minute and think about the purpose of the WOD and adjust your weight accordingly. Conversely, don’t go so light that you don’t get the benefit of the weightlifting either. Strike a good balance and listen to your CrossFit coach rather than let your ego be your guide


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