January 15, 2011

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Integrity from CrossFit? – Oakland County CrossFit

“CrossFit is, I believe, the best example of integrity in action.  In life, there are many ways that one can cheat.  You can cut corners at your job, often times in ways that no one by you will ever know.  You can complete a task, not really caring if it’s completed correctly, but just going through the motions to get it done.  There are also many shades of cheating — from BIG lies to tiny omissions of truth.  The entire spectrum makes up our personal integrity.  Integrity is not just wether we will abstain from doing the one, big clearly wrong thing, but how we react to all the little problems life presents us. Integrity is built in the details.

“When you cheat in CrossFit, the only person you’re cheating is yourself.† In CrossFit, integrity is calling a penalty on yourself when it’s warranted.  Doing and extra wall ball for the one that doesn’t go above the line, doing an extra pull up when your chin isn’t above the bar, and hitting another squat when your hip crease doesn’t go below your knee.

CrossFit gives us a chance to practice living by our principles.  And, when you build integrity, it carries over to every aspect of your life.  What you learning the smaller world of CrossFit, you take outside the gym into the greater realm of your life.  Everything you learn in CrossFit carries forward directly to the outside world.  Calling a penalty on yourself, in the real world, is knowing when your actions are wrong and taking steps to correct them.  Counting your reps accurately means judging yourself honestly — and moving forward from that point.  Integrity is learning about a deeper gratification — a soul-leveled fulfillment, if you will.  Integrity is doing what is in the highest good, not just what you might personally want.  It’s calling a penalty on yourself when it’s warranted.  It’s taking pride in your final score, no matter what it is.

Be true to CrossFit, be true to your box, but most of all be true to yourself.”

We appreciate everyone having integrity in our box.  CrossFit is one of the only places in life where you might be accountable for your own actions.  So as trainers we randomly count our athletes reps every now and then, especially on benchmark workouts.  If we see you do a bad rep, we want to make sure you do it again the right way.  But most importantly, we do it because sometimes people just forget how to count during a WOD.  We’ve all lost track of our reps at one time or another, and below is a video where it happens to 2 athletes in the same WOD!  Chris does an extra 4 front squats and prowler push, while jen skips a prowler push and 2 front squats.  This is proof that even the low rep WODs can get confusing.   So next time a trainer tells you to do a few more reps, it’s not because we don’t trust you, it’s because you need to learn how to count!


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