March 15, 2010

Rest DayMake up a work out you missed this weekkyle-maynardExcusesPeople make way to many excuses for themselves everyday.  Especially excuses why they can’t workout:I’m too busy, It’s too cold outside, I’m too fat, it’s raining, I have kids, I’m hungover, I don’t wanna get my shoes dirty,  I don’t feel good, It’s too hot today, I don’t like to run, I have arthritis, I don’t like heavy stuff, my back hurts, I’m too big, my dog is sick, I can’t, I’m too stressed out, I have a hair appointment, I didn’t eat breakfast, I’m scared, I don’t have time, I’ll start next week, I have asthma,  my stomach hurts, I have shin splints, I’m dehydrated, I have a hot date, It’s too hard, I don’t wanna get all sweaty, I have friends in town, I had a long day, my favorite trainer is gone, I have a blister, I’ve been on my feet all day, I have allergies, I have a migraine, I have homework, I ripped my hand, I’m not athletic, I’m tired, I don’t want to get too big, my butt hurts, I have a bad back, my girlfriend won’t let me, it’s too intense, it’s too dusty, I need to get some sleep, I need knew shoes, I ate too much,  I have bad knees, I already showered today, I’ll do it later…Watch this video of Kyle Maynard, owner of CrossFit No Excuses, competing in the Georgia sectionals, and think about it next time one of these pops into your head. 


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