Paleo/Zone Seminar/Potluck/BBQ!

When:  This Monday at 7pm!

Where:  SinCity CrossFit

What:  We will start with a brief seminar going over both the zone and paleo diets.  You should be able to understand and follow either diet if you pay attention.  It’s so easy a caveman could do it.  After that we will take everyone’s before pics,  measure their body fat%, lean body mass and weight.  Don’t worry +-no one gets to see your stats except you.  Finally, we will finish up by stuffing our faces with delicious paleo and zone foods!  If you have a good recipe, make sure and bring it to share.  If you aren’t the best cook, bring your dish anyways or some meat to grill.  Even if you don’t bring anything, you can still come for the free food !

Who:  Anyone who is even thinking about doing the diet challenge.  That means you!

Why:  To learn about the zone and paleo diets, sign up for the challenge, get your before pics taken, get your before fat measured, and have fun pigging out on healthy great tasting food with all your CrossFit friends!


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