Paleo/Zone Team Diet Challenge!

Rest DayThe Pale/Zone Diet Challenge officially starts tomorrow!  That’s right, it will be a team challenge.  We have randomly paired everyone up into partners for the challenge.  When you pick up your body comp result sheet it will also have your partner’s name and contact info. We added the team aspect to the challenge this time for a number of reasons.  Teammates should be able to keep each other well informed and answer each others questions about the diets.  You will also be able to keep each other motivated, consistent with workouts, and on the right track.  And lastly, teammates will hold each other accountable to make sure you don’t cheat or quit. The 2 winners will be the team that improves the most in body composition, appearance, and WOD results!  Make sure you are logging all your wods on beyond the white board.  If you don’t, you can’t win.  There will only be one winning team that will get the cash prize!



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