SCCF – Spring 6 Pack Challenge


A very important aspect of CrossFit is the connection between fitness and health.  If you are truly fit, then all your health indicators (blood pressure, cholesterol, bf%, bone density, triglycerides, flexibility, muscle mass etc) will be better than someone else that is well, or just ok.  And theirs will be better than sick people.  This should be a huge reason why you workout and choose to live a healthy lifestyle.  This is why all crossfitters are athletes and are constantly trying to become better athletes.  But sometimes we forget that the foundation for the development of an athlete is Nutrition!  Check out the pyramid above.  You can’t reach your potential best in “cardio”, gymnastics, weightlifting, or sports, if your diet sucks.  So, once again we would like to remind our SCCF community of the importance of nutrition, not only for yourself but for your whole family, by hosting another fitness challenge.

The Challenge:  We will be hosting a Spring Fitness Challenge from Jan 30th through April 2nd!  .  This time it will be an individual challenge with one male and one female winner.  We encourage all SCCF members to give it a shot.  It will run concurrently with the CrossFit Open!  This will ensure that you get the best results during the open.  Everyone can improve their diet, which in turn will not only improve your performance, but also your quality of life.  Although we have seen huge improvements in the past, (like Rick pictured above who lost 20lbs and 8%bf) , it is not a weight loss challenge.  The goal is to improve eating habits for the long term and see all the positive effects it will have on your fitness.  (And to look better naked and at the pool, of course)

Diet:  The zone diet and paleo diet are the most popular in the crossfit community.  The one you are able to stick with is the best choice for you.  If you can do both, you will get the best results.  There is plenty of free info online about both diets.  We also have our recipe blog which contains many great meal ideas for both diets.  If you would like a private nutritional consultation with an individualized meal plan, we can do that as well.

Rescources:  We have many resources available to guide your nutritional choices.  We will have a free nutritional seminar on Monday Feb 1st at 530pm.  We will also have free nutritional consultations on Satruday Jan 30th from 9am to noon.  We will have some handouts available if you miss the seminars.    We are also hosting Paleo Nick’s – Paleo/Zone Cooking Seminar on Feb 14th!  Click here for more info on this event.

There is nutrition tab at the top of this website that links to the SCCF Recipe Blog.  It has dozens of great recipes posted by our Coaches.  We have started recipe book collection at SCCF that can be used at any time.  And the best resource you have is each other.  we will start a fb group for everyone in the challenge. Our coaches and all our more experienced members will be able to answer any questions you might have about eating right.

Rules:  To participate in the challenge you must pay the $20 entry fee.  You must also complete at least 3 out of 5 benchmark workouts before and after the challenge.  In addition, every workout you do must be logged on beyond the whiteboard.  You must also get your bf%, weight, waist measurement, and pics taken before and after the challenge.

Criteria:  Winners will be chosen based off of a combination of their improvement in the benchmark workouts, their bf% and measurements, and their appearance.  Each winner will receive 33% of the pot which is made up of all the $20 entry fees.  The more participants we have, the bigger the pot will be!  Winners will also receive a free shirt and bag of protein!

Workouts:  We will be using 5 workouts to test fitness in the following areas:

Cardio-respiratory endurance










We will be assessing these skills in short, medium, and long duration workouts to test all energy pathways.  And we will choose workouts with as many functional movements as possible to test a broad range of physical challenges.

Only 3 workouts are required, but the more workouts completed, the more accurate view of your fitness we can attain.

Below are some important dates for the challenge:1/30 – body fat measurments taken by Touro medical students – 9-12pm

1/30 – Nutrition consultations with Coaches – 9-12pm

2/1 – Nutrition Seminar

2/1 – 2/7 – Benchmark wods must be completed

Measurements and pics must be taken

Entry fee must be paid


3/28 – 4/3 – Redo benchmark wods

4/2 – Measurements taken again

TBA – Pool Party!  Announce winners!



We will be hosting a Spring Fitness Challenge from an 1st through April 2nd!

The cost to participate is just $20.  The winners of the challenge will get a month free at SCCF and $200 cash.




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