Sept 30th, 2009

Work Out of the DayIn teams of Two perform the following:For time:100 Box jump, 20 inch box
100 Jumping pull-ups
100 Kettlebell swings, 1 pood
100 Double Unders
100  Ab-Mat Situps
100 Push press, 45 pounds
100 Good mornings 45/33
100 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
100 Burpees
100 ft lunges

 dsc01717dsc01718dsc017411**Paleo/Zone Challenge Update**So we’re about a month into the Paleo/Zone Challenge and We’ve been hearing alot of positive things from everybody so far. But we’ve also been hearing some negative things as well. Now with just a little over a month to go if anyone has any questions about either of the diets or are unhappy with the diet they chose and would like to give the other one a shot, now is the time.  I am a big advocate of the Paleo diet, and would be happy to sit down with anyone who needs help ironing out all the details about the diet. Shain and Billy are big supporters of the zone diet. So if you have any questions regarding either of the diets let us know.


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