September 9th, 2010

Great job everbody, we’ve just surpassed the $1000 mark for the Fight Gone Bad5donations! If you havent already make sure and Register for our team. Thank you to everybody who’s working so hard to raise money for these deserving charities.Work Out of the Day“SinCity Fight Club”In teams of four perform the following for time:3 rounds of:30 Wallballs 20/1430 SDHP 75/5330 Box Jumps 24″30 Push Press 75/53then:120 calorie row relayEach team member starts at a different station and cannot advance to the following station until every team member has completed their given reps. After the team cycles through each station 3 times the team will advance to a 120 calorie row relay. Each team member must row 30 calories.



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