WOD – May 23, 2018

Work Out of the Day

As many rounds as possible in 17 minutes of:

40 box jumps, 24/20″

30 calorie row

40 wallballs, 20/14lb

30 pullups

40 burpees

30 deadlifts, 225/155lb

Post total rounds and reps completed to beyond the whiteboard.



WOD – May 21, 2018

Coach Sarah finished 19th at the South Regionals and SinCity CrossFit’s team of Coach Suzie, Coach Kyle, Coach Billy and Brittany finished in 22nd place overall!  Thank you all for your support.  It was great to have such an awesome community behind us the whole way.

Work Out of the Day

Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5


3 rounds for time of:

50 double unders

25 alternating db snatch, 50/35lb

50 air squats

Post loads and time to beyond the whiteboard.

Wod – May 18, 2018

Team SinCity will be competing Friday at 8am and 9:20am, an Coach Sarah will be competing at 12:25pm and 4:15pm at the South Regionals in Utah today! 

Click here to watch!

Today’s workout may be completed in teams of 2!  Murph is coming up on memorial day and this will be a great wod to get ready for it!


Work Out of the Day



3 rounds for time of:

1000m row 

50 pushups

1000m run

50 pullups

Post time to beyond the whiteboard.

U.S. Army Specialist Adam Hamilton, 22, of Kent, Ohio, assigned to the 4th Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, based in Fort Riley, Kansas, died on May 28, 2011 in Haji Ruf, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered when enemy forces attacked his unit with an improvised explosive device. He is survived by his father Scott Hamilton, step-mother Connie Hamilton, mother Nancy Krestan, brothers Brandon Hamilton and Nick Krestan, and sisters Shawney and Taya Hamilton.

WOD – May 16, 2018

Work Out of the Day

Death by –

Front Squat, 155/105lb


Death by –

Handstand Pushups


Death by –

Power Clean & Jerk, 155/105lb

*Death by = 1 rep the first minute, 2 reps the 2nd minute, 3 rep the 3rd minute… until you can no longer complete all reps within the minute

**The next movement starts on the next minute right after the previous death by ends

Post reps completed for each movement to beyond the whiteboard.

WOD – May 11, 2018

Today’s workout is in honor of a fellow CrossFitter that died fighting for our country!  

Work Out of the Day



5 rounds for time of:
100-meter sprint
10 squat clean thrusters, 115/75lb
15 kettlebell swings, 70/53lb
100-meter sprint
Rest 2 minutes

Post time to beyond the whiteboard. 

Marine Master Sgt. Aaron Torian, 36, of Paducah, Kentucky, died Feb. 15, 2014, during combat operations in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Torian was assigned to 2nd Marine Special Operations Battalion, Marine Special Operations Regiment, U.S. Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, and was on his sixth deployment at the time of his death.
He started CrossFit training in 2006 and was one of the original members of CrossFit Wilmington in North Carolina. His favorite movements included cleans, thrusters, sprints and kettlebell swings.
He is survived by his wife, Jurley; and children, Elijah, Laura Bella and Avery.

WOD – May 9, 2018

Work Out of the Day

Bar Muscle Up Practice


Max Rep Unbroken Bar Muscle Ups


“American CrossFit Ninja”

As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:

3 bar muscle ups

6 burpee box jumps, 24/20″

9 toes to bar

12 alternating pistols


3 toes to bar

6 burpee box jumps, 20/16″

9 situps

12 alternating jumping lunges

Post rounds completed to beyond the whiteboard.